Can I Find A Cheap Exercise Bike Without Sacrificing the Comfort?

Exercise bikes are an excellent way of working out. They are high impact cardio workout machines. They help in losing weight by shedding the calories and also help in toning up the muscles of the lower body especially the lower limb and the calf muscles. But when it comes to price and quality can you find a cheap bike and still be efficient.

What Are the Types of Exercise Bikes


Recumbent exercise bike                    Upright exercise bike

The first thing that you’d have to do is find out what you are looking for. Exercise bikes are available in various types of models as well as costs to suit all budgets and needs of people. There are two types of exercise bikes and these are upright exercise bike, and recumbent exercise bike.

Finding The Right Bike For you

If you are looking for a bike that is more like your mountain bike that you’d be looking for some up right bikes. These bike most resemble a bike with a handlebar, a seat, and two pedals below the seat.  If you have back pain and need more support, then a semi-recumbent exercise bike or a recumbent exercise bike. The stationary bikes most resemble chairs and allows more back support.

The exercise bikes are available for as little as $100 and to well over $10,000. The most expensive exercise bike that I’ve seen was The CyberCycle Exercise Bike on Amazon. Finding a good quality cheap exercise bike with all the latest bells and whistles would be hard, but not impossible.

What To Look For in An Exercise Bike

The first thing to look for is price. When Trying to find a cheap good quality bike you’ll have to cut back on so technological features like; Wi-Fi connection, screens, heart and pulse detection. You’d go back to the basics all exercise bikes work on the principle of resistance to magnetic, air or a flywheel. And that all you need. Be removing those features you can cut the price by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Before Purchasing an Exercise, Bike Follow These Rules

  1. Determine What Type You Want
  2. Do your research
  3. Look for reviews
  4. Ask Questions to the Store Clerk
  5. Don’t be afraid Ask for a Trial Period
  6. Look through Magazines
  7. Talk to people who owns a similar the bike
  8. Try finding a used bike

The whole reason I wrote this article is to help guide you in your search for an exercise bike. But the main point is that when you know what you are looking for then you’ll have no problem finding a good priced bike. Just remember that when looking for a cheap bike there are some this that you’d have to sacrifice. So, to answer the question Can I Find A Cheap Exercise Bike Without Sacrificing the Quality? The answer is Tricky yes and no. No, you would not sacrifice comfort, but by giving up some technological features, you may sacrifice quality.